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+PC+ Chocolate the Mink by LauryPinky972 +PC+ Chocolate the Mink :iconlaurypinky972:LauryPinky972 149 75
Rouge's Sleepover - Shadamy
(Amy's Point Of View)
I have to hurry if I'm going to Rouges sleepover, I'm already 10 minuets late and I still had to pack my pajamas, I quickly ran upstairs to pack my pajamas but I couldn't find them, the only ones I found were my white top and dark pink shorts….but I didn't want to wear them. Well, it would only be us girls so I guess it doesn't matter, so I threw them into my pink bag and ran downstairs with my bag and my coat, I quickly put my coat on and walked out of the door and locked it. As I was walking to Rouge's house, my mobile rang.
"Hello?" I said
"Hey Amy, are you coming to my sleepover or what?" Rouge asked
"Yeah, sorry I'm late, I'm on my way now" I answered "In fact I'm almost there" I added
"Good, I'll see you in a minuet then" She said then hung up. I put my mobile into my bag and walked up to Rouges house and before I could knock she opened the door and let me in, I walked in and saw, Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Blaze, Knuckles and Sally? What was she doing here
:iconamyrose-09:AmyRose-09 211 188
ShadAmy pg.1 by sonicrocks64 ShadAmy pg.1 :iconsonicrocks64:sonicrocks64 3 3
KnuxAmy Short Stories
Amy Rose is hiding behind a tree. She thought, "I'm gonna give Sonikku a little surprise."
She saw someone. She gasped and blushed and thought, "It's Sonic!" She turned around and took a deep breath. She thought, "Okay Amy Rose, just calm down. You can do this."
The someone that Amy saw was Knuckles the Echidna. Knuckles heard someone say, "I found you!"
He turned around and saw Amy running. He blushed and thought, "Why is Amy running to me?"
Suddenly, Amy jumped up and yelled, "Here I am, Sonikku!"
Knuckles blushed deeper and yelled out, "WHA-?! Wait, I'm not-"
But Amy already crashed into him. She giggled as she hugged him. Then, she finally realized that Knuckles is not Sonic.
She gasped and said, "You weren't hurt or anything, were you Knuckles?"
Knuckles said, "Nah, I'm just fine."
Amy and Knuckles were now gazing into each other's eyes. Then, Amy gasped again and said, "Sorry."
She held out her hand.
Knuckles took it, stood up and said, "It's okay." He then said,
:iconcmara:cmara 22 24
The Guardian's Secret
                                                 The Guardian's Secret
                                                 By Tysane The Echidna
The wind blew threw her quills as she tried to catch her blue love.  The petite hedgehog was running as fast as she could go through the forest chasing her love.  As the pink hedgehog ran she tripped over a root falling hard.  Although it hurt her to do so the hedgehog got up to see if her love had noticed her fall but when she looked h
:icontysantheechidna:TysanTheEchidna 13 43
My Rose chapter 1
“My Rose”
By: Tysane the Echidna
Chapter 1: Search and Discovery
(Amy’s POV)
I was out trying to find a nice place to have a small little picnic for myself and Sonic or some friends.  I was walking looking around at the beautiful grass when I tripped over what I thought was a rock.  I fell hard hitting the soft grass “Stupid rock” I turned to see what I tripped on wasn’t a rock it was a glowing blue stone.  “That’s not a rock it’s a chaos emerald!!!”  I couldn’t believe that I had found a chaos emerald ‘Oh Sonic will have to go out with me now if he wants this emerald.’  As I thought of how I could use the chaos emerald to bribe Sonic I remembered Tails telling me how much he needed a new one.  I remembered that when Eggman last attacked he was able to make Tails give up his chaos emerald.  “Oh Tails will be thrilled when I show him that I got him
:icontysantheechidna:TysanTheEchidna 5 4
She found someone
   She found someone
By: Deadlyclaws (A.K.A Tatiana the cat)
         Up on Angel Island, Knuckles The Echidna is gaurding the Master Emerald as always. He studies his surroundings always ready to jump into action when something comes near. The Master Emerald glows a light green color every now and then. Down on Mobius Sonic The Hedgehog is being chased by Amy Rose. Amy keeps calling out to him but he ignores her and keeps going.
Sonic: *runs at full speed*
Amy: *tries to run faster but falls to her knees* SONIC WAIT!!!!!!
   Sonic was already long gone and Amy tried to hold back her tears. She clutched something in her hand. Something for Sonic to show how much she cares about him. Amy got up still trying to hold back tears and ran all the way home. While running, she passes Cream The Rabbit and her friend Cheese the Chao. Before Cream could say anything Amy ran into her house and up to her ro
:icondeadlyclaws:DeadlyClaws 22 95
Shadamy-Evil love story
                               A man woke me up. "Shadow?" I heard him say. I woke up to a bright light, on a cold hard table. I sat up and looked around. I didn't know where I was. "What the- Where am I?" I saw a man. Fat, tall, long brown mustache. "Who are you?" I glared at him. "What did you do to me?!!" I growled. He chuckled. "Don't worry, I did nothing to you. I just woke you up. I am Dr. Eggman. My grandfather made you, remember?" I remembered his grandfather's face. "...................I remember..." Eggman nodded. "He gave you to me. Your my hedgehog now. You do as I say." I nodded. I didn't really know anything at the time, Eggman's grandfather created me, Eggman woke me up, he's the only one I know at the moment, so I guess this meant Eggman is my master. "Well, today is the first day you been awake in, oh, 50 years." 50
:iconstfuvampy:StfuVampy 184 173



New Zealand
im so anrgy at this stuipd bald girl(shes in my class sits right in front of me)
cause today in the morning me & my friend went to the shop to get cookies(we love cookies)
and when i was eating it at morning tea time she was like" you didnt buy that cookie with your own money"
and i was like yes i did and she said no ******** bought the cookie for you with her efpos card(was her mums)
and i was like"how would know"she said she said i talked to********(she didnt)
then this guy was like saying who likes who(not naming anyone)
then it was all over....
but still...leason learned never listen to anger issuies
or listen with her....or   bald pepole...unless i know them real well
(P.S:this:******* means "my friend")

still doing pics made from bases
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